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Equity Petroleum Services Nigeria Limited is a wholly indigenous oilfield services company specializing in high quality technological solutions for the oil and gas industry primarily in the field of Well Intervention, Slickline and other related upstream activities. EPSNL is committed to safe conditions while providing quality services for total customer satisfaction..

Equity Petroleum Services Nigeria Limited (EPSNL) and BJ Services International (BJSI), a Houston, TX based leading oilfield services provider, specialising in pressure pumping and completions services, came together in 1991 to form a Joint Venture (JV) company, BJ Services Company Nigeria (BJSN). The resultant JV remained successful and active from inception till 2011, when BJSI was acquired by Baker Hughes International (BHI). From 2011, EPSNL has continued provide these services with technical support from BHI where required.

We have also stepped up our slickline business, a product line that dates back to 1989 when the company was founded, as well as wellhead and pipeline maintenance services. When it comes to securing your wellbore, enhancing reservoir drainage, deploying effective coiled-tubing intervention, and minimizing NPT, pressure pumping experience and technology play a critical role. Every well—vertical, deviated, horizontal, or extended reach—is unique and requires a customized strategy/approach to maximize results with minimum environmental impact. EPSNL is committed to safe working conditions while providing quality services for TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

EPSNL is licensed by Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR ) to provide services to the Oil & Gas Industry in the following areas: 

Drilling Services – Cementing &Pumping services;
Production/Well Intervention services – Slickline, coiled tubing &pumping/stimulation;
Onshore Pipeline Maintenance Services – Pipeline Production Facility Maintenance

Our personnel are highly skilled and receive training in their respective areas for the enhancement of productivity and growth.